About this "Foodie Freak"

The kitchen, computer and my drum kit! Three essential things for my survival. A chef by day and a food writer cum musician by night this is how I have lived and loved my life lately. Having worked as a pâtissier (yes, I bake stuff!) on board cruise liners, I have come to the conclusion that cooking while sailing is awesome. Imagine sailing on the azure stretch of billowy oceans that stretch far and wide till they engulf all horizons you see; and while you are doing this, you get to smell the sweet fragrances that slowly mark their presence as the ovens in the bakery keep getting hotter. It’s always a pleasure to see people nibble on the tasty bites that you have baked and ask for more. I love making and baking stuff that’s sinfully delightful ;) . This blog is my attempt to share these sinful pleasures with all the food criminals out here.

Having traveled far and wide (indeed far and wide), I have picked up the tastes from a few famous and not so famous destinations. As and when possible, I’ll try to share those trade secrets… shhh, keep it secret till then. What can I say, my job also offers me the luxury to tour different places… I love what I do :D

Ashish Negi - Blogger, musician, Pâtissier

Writing is something that I always wanted to do and writing about food was just like the cherry on top of the cake for me. As a food blogger I can combine my love for food and writing. Though I haven’t yet thrown in my two bits about travel, I also love writing about it and I hope to share my thoughts when I start scribbling about it (or rather banging my keyboard I’d say). Food, writing, travel - now I’m just waiting for an opportunity where I can throw in some music into this mix and cook up a storm.

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