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Bulung Kuah Pindang Bali
If Japanese and Korean use seaweed, so does Indonesian especially Balinese. Bulung Kuah Pindang is another recipe from Bali where you can apply kuah pindang (Balinese fish stock) beside rujak kuah pindang (fruit salad with fish stock).

When the first time I read the cookbook of Lonny Gerungan “The Bali Cookbook” years ago, I was quite skeptical how on earth I’m going to get that kuah pindang. His cookbook didn’t explain on how to make it. Well, I finally figured out how to make it last month and I’m happy with the result which you can see here.

If you don’t know who Lonny Gerungan is, please visit my post about this cookbook here. He is a Dutch Indonesian celebrity chef in the Netherlands. In his book, there is a recipe of Bulung Kuah Pindang but I combined the recipe that I got from Bli Yudi, my culinary tour guide when I was in Bali.

You may notice that I have a lot more Balinese recipes after my visit to Indonesia last May. Thou the island where lived before and Bali was beside each other, can you believe before I moved to Canada the last time I visited Bali was in 1996? During my high school time, I went to Bali quite often about twice a year. After I graduated from high school, I moved to Bogor for my university. Since then I hadn’t gone to Bali again until last year.

For this Bulung Kuah Pindang recipe, the Balinese uses agar-agar seaweed which I couldn’t find it at store. But I saw the same kind of seaweed that was ready to eat at some sushi outlets.

Bulung Kuah Pindang Recipe
Bali Style Seaweed Salad
Adapted from the Bali Cookbook and Bli Yudi recipe

500 grams agar-agar seaweed (which you can substitute for other seaweed)
1/4 cup grated charcoal grilled coconut
fried red kidney beans

Kuah Pindang Sauce
200 mL kuah pindang (Balinese Fish Stock)
3 teaspoons minced green bananas (pisang batu cincang)
2 teaspoons terasi (dried shrimp paste), toasted
6 bird eyes chilies
a small amount of raw sugarcane
seasalt if you need it as I don’t add any salt

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Since the seaweed that I use it’s salted seaweed in package. I just soak them in a water until all the salt is gone and drain. But if you use fresh agar-agar seaweed you need to rinse and blanch them. After draining the seaweed, place on a serving dish.

In a mortar and pestle, process terasi, green banana, chilies, sugar and salt (if you need it) until smooth. Then combine with grated grilled coconut and kuah pindang.

Pour mixture of kuah pindang sauce and coconut on to the serving dish. Garnish with fried red kidney bean.

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