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HomeIndonesian FoodCakalang Pampis Recipe (Manado Skipjack Tuna Floss)September 2, 2010374ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsAppLinkedinReddItEmailPrintTelegramMixLINEManado Skipjack Tuna FlossCakalang Pampis or Tuna Floss ala Manado can accompany with warm cooked rice or as a filling for panada. Panada is very closed to Spanish or Portuguese empanada or Jamaican patty. While in the west part of Indonesia, pastel is more popular. Pastel has a flakier skin like Malaysian curry puff and Makassar (South Sulawesi) jalakote.

Yesterday, there was a happy news that I received from Eleanor Hoh of Wok Star through twitter. Indonesia Eats got into the 50 Sizzling Hot Asian Cooking Blogs along with my Indonesian fellow, IndoChine Kitchen. Congratulation also to other Asian bloggers.

Ok, Pepy! Seriously, back on your track!

Speaking about cakalang pampis, there are some different recipes of it. I myself like the Yasa Boga version. I used a whole cakalang and broiled it before shredding the meat. Check my two previous post to know how I broiled the tuna. Before you jump to the recipe, I’d like to remind you that I have an Indonesia Eats Cook-Up and the submission will draw for a $70 CSN gift certificate.

Cakalang Pampis
– Manadonese Skipjack Tuna Floss –

• 200 g broiled cakalang meat (You can substitute for canned tuna in water and drain)
• 1 pandan leaf, finely sliced
• 3 kaffir lime leaves, discard the midrib and slice finely
• 30 lemon basil leaves, coarsely sliced
• 1 daun tebal/bangun-bangun/Coleus amboinicus Lour, finely sliced (Since this herb has an oregano-like flavour, I substituted for 1 tbsp dry oregano)
• 2 lemongrass, take the white parts and crushed (I used 1/3 cup frozen minced lemongrass)
• 250 mL thick coconut milk (I used a combination creamed coconut and coconut water)*

Ground Spices:
• 4 long red cayenne peppers
• bird eye chilies (I don’t put the amount as some people have different palette to handle heat. If you want to skip it, it’s your call)
• 3 cm long ginger, scrape off the skin with a spoon
• 5 shallots (I used 3 of the bigger size shallots)
• 2 cloves garlics
• ½ teaspoon salt

1. In a pot, combine coconut cream and coconut water; bring to a boil.

2. Add ground spices and reboil until bubbling. Add cakalang, pandan, oregano and kaffir lime leaves. Let them cook for 10 minutes. Add lemongrass and lemon basil. Stir and cook until everything is dry. Leave to cool if you want to use them for panada. Scoop over the warm cooked rice if you want to enjoy with rice.

Asians also love to enjoy floss with the bread.

Cook’s Note:
* Creamed coconut can be found at Asian or Caribbean markets as the one that I used is made in Sri Lanka.
* Choose canned of coconut water that is pure, no sugar added.
* No lemon basil in your fridge, don’t bother just leave them out.

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  1. Maya September 3, 2010 At 1:07 AMCongratulations on making the 50 Sizzling Hot Asian Cooking Blogs! Your blog certainly sizzles with all the great recipes and beautiful photography. In fact, I’m still going through all your posts to see what I’d like to try to make for your Cook Off. 😉Reply
  2. Anncoo September 3, 2010 At 2:03 AMLovely presentation as always and I bet this must be delicious.Congratulations Pepy ;D So happy for you!Reply
  3. Lia Chen September 3, 2010 At 4:34 AMPep, congrats once again for the 50 Sizzling Hot Asian Cooking Blogs! Very proud of you … d(^.^)b I can take double portion of rice with this Cakalang Pampis, so mouthwatering!!Reply
  4. Anh September 3, 2010 At 5:13 AMoh this looks yummy!!Reply
  5. Rosa’s Yummy Yums September 3, 2010 At 6:44 AMWhat gorgeous flavors! That dish is very appetizing and interesting.Cheers,RosaReply
  6. Jason’s BBQ Adventures September 3, 2010 At 7:09 AMLove this unique recipe! The mixture of flavors is amazing.Reply
  7. Chef Dennis September 3, 2010 At 7:42 AMSounds like another great dish! I am learning so much from you, my girls will thank you once I start making some of your wonderful dishes!Reply
  8. Angie’s Recipes September 3, 2010 At 8:48 AMCongratulations!This is very tempting and interesting dish!Reply
  9. Xiaolu September 3, 2010 At 10:18 AMI wonder how different this is from the Chinese fish floss I had growing up. I could eat just that and rice for lunch, I loved it that much! Either way, I’m definitely going to give this a try. I’m not familiar with lemon basil. Can I substitute with something else, like regular basil?Reply
  10. Torviewtoronto September 3, 2010 At 1:17 PMwe make fillings like this looks deliciousReply
  11. Carolyn Jung September 3, 2010 At 4:23 PMCongrats on the honor. Well deserved! Heck, just looking at your first photo takes my breath away. It’s a beaut!Reply
  12. Peanutts September 4, 2010 At 2:53 AMHello :), congradulations for being one of the 50 best asian cooking blogs :). Your skipjack tuna caught my attention, we use a lot of skipjack tuna in our cooking. HAve a nice day.Reply
  13. MaryMoh September 4, 2010 At 3:22 AMCongrats, Pepy! You always have awesome recipes. Love this dish. I remember my mom used to cook something like this wen we were young….really delicious with rice.Reply
  14. noobcook September 4, 2010 At 9:15 PMcongratulations on the honour! 😀 love this dish which is very beautifully presented.Reply
  15. tatabonita September 5, 2010 At 3:47 AMMbak Peppih…. Selamatong yong buat prestasi Indonesia Eats :D. Bangga bangga bangga bangga deh! Aku pernah dikasih abon cakalang ini sama temenku yang anak sulawesi, jadi pengen lagi 😀Reply
  16. Anna September 5, 2010 At 8:40 AMCongratulations on your award.Your recipes look amazing. Would love to attempt one of your recipes. Now I just have to get down to task, and track down some of the less known ingredients. Thanks for sharing such interesting recipes.Annahttp://annastable.blogspot.comReply
  17. Sweet Artichoke September 10, 2010 At 11:30 PMEid Mubarak, dear and Congratulations!This dish looks delicious and is beautifully presented 🙂Reply
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  20. curious June 18, 2015 At 9:14 PMdo you have nutrition information on this…calories per serving, etc? I live in Indonesia and love this, but am very curious to know calorie content, etc. thanks so much!Reply

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