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Leavening Agents

Whenever you think about bakery products, your mind goes in the direction of the finished bakery products like bread, cookies, cakes and the list is so long. But have you ever tried to go behind the science of bakery products. If you go through the science behind the bakery products, that is much fascinating than… Read More »

Category: Bakery TechnologyFood Scienceis yogurt acidic

Yogurt, a delicious fermented milk product, is loved by most people but is yogurt acidic or basic in nature? Read on to find out more. Yogurt has occupied a major position in meals especially breakfast. In ancient times there were not many medicines to cure diseases. Well many few of us know that yogurt has… Read More »

Category: Food FactsFood ScienceMilk ProcessingWhy Jam Is Not Setting

We all have had bread jam in our breakfast. Some of us have carried it in our tiffins to school or some of us like to have it with plain paranthas. Bizarre! Some of us have tried making jam in our home but have occurred one common problem, it doesn’t set properly. Let us have… Read More »

Category: Bakery TechnologyFood FactsFood ScienceWhy Pumpkin Is Orange In Color

Since the school times we have been taught that colour of a object will be the color which the object reflects except that all other colors are absorbed. This might answer the question why pumpkin is orange in colour, but looking deep into science as to what contribute solely to the color of pumpkin, we… Read More »

Category: Food FactsIn The NewsEnergy Drinks Facts

Energy drinks are a kind of beverage that provides the body with a boost of energy. Due to this, it has created a new craze among the students and gaining popularity amidst sports people. As it turns out, most of that “energy” comes from two main ingredients: sugar and caffeine. Recent studies show that these ingredients… Read More »

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Category: Food FactsIn The NewsFood Processing Methods

Food processing is not at all a new concept. It is practiced since ages. History of food processing is basically the transformation process of raw ingredients into food or food into other forms. It dates back to the prehistoric age when crude processing including various types of cooking, such as roasting, smoking, steaming, fermenting, sun drying… Read More »

Category: Food ScienceIn The NewsInternet Of FoodWhy Bread Turn Golden Brown

Bread, a staple food prepared from flour, water and yeast is one of the most loved food product. Over the ages, people are either consuming it as it is or by making delicious dishes out of it. You might have observed that when we toast a bread it turns golden brown and also it become… Read More »

Category: Bakery TechnologyFood FactsFood Sciencefood preservation methods

When you open a packet of chips or canned food have you ever wondered that how months older manufacturing keeps the food product safer and delicious without hampering its nutritional quality. The food which we prepare in our homes get spoiled within a day or 2 (until and unless some preservation techniques are applied) but… Read More »

Category: Food SciencePreservationDoes Honey Expire?

Honey, a delicious, viscous, highly nutritious fluid secreted by honey bees on vomiting. We all are aware of the numerous health benefits of honey but does honey expire? Read on to find out. Essentially it plays a major role in wound healing and as a natural sweetener. Since the population of diabetic patients is increasing tremendously,… Read More »

Category: Food FactsFood ScienceIodine Value Of Fats And Oil

The main constituents of natural fats and oils are triglycerides. Triglycerides are formed from three fatty acids which are linked to glycerol by fatty acyl esters. Fatty acids are long aliphatic chains with carboxyl groups. These are grouped into saturated or unsaturated based on the number of double bonds present in fatty acid. Saturated fatty… Read More »

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Category: Food ChemistryFood ScienceFood Science Experiments

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