Food Startup Ideas That Might Take You In Profit With Little Investment(Part-1)

Whenever we hear the word startup, what strikes our mind is a group of young web developers working in a 4 by 4 cubicle, brainstorming. Misconceptions indeed. Startups are not just computers but they are more than that. Startup could be an industry, an outlet, or a website like

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To put it differently, startups can be related to any field. Be it a car-pooling app or a biscuit making company. A startup is a young toddler growing drastically.
Every startup initiates with an idea, a unique idea that doesn’t have a competition or few competitors in the market.
In food industry as well, various innovations and startups are emerging that are transforming the food industry. We are here specifically focusing on Food Startup Ideas.
Here is a list of unique Food Startup Ideas who have a potential market in India:


1. Tutti Fruity Manufacturing:

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Presently famous as an ice cream flavour, ‘Tutti Fruity’ is nothing but chopped seedless papayas. Although it’s not limited to ice creams only but many confectioneries like fruit candies etc. In India, even milk bread, buns consist of raw candied papaya. The love for tutti fruity certainly makes it a profitable business.

2. Popcorn Manufacturing:

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Who doesn’t love munchy-crunchy, delicious Popcorn. Chiefly made from corn, it’s easy to manufacture popcorn. To point out it involves a seed fund of Rs 10 Lakh onward. Health is what people are conscious about these days which makes popcorn people’s favourite. With explicit taste along with nutritive value, truly it has won hearts. Even various flavours have come which satisfy the cravings of the customer. Read more about the production here.

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3. Banana Wafer Making:

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Banana, a rich source of energy is consumed in various forms. Due to its high perishable nature, we preserve it by processing in the form of banana pulp, chips, powder etc.
With such a huge capital in this business, Banana wafers can be innovative. A thin slice of Banana when deep fried until it’s crunchy in texture. There is a huge market for it, such as the paan shops, roadside eateries, college canteen, school, clubs etch. It can be run along with the potato chips manufacturing.

4. Sugar Candy Manufacturing:

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Sugar candy manufacturing company require not much of raw material, just some food colour, flavouring, glucose and sucrose. Another name to it can be hard boiled sugar confectionery as it offers candy, sweets, lozenges, sugar drops etc.
In recent times, ‘Pulse’ candy led to a revolution hitting the Indian market with its taste. Read More

5. Noodle Making:

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Popular in northern parts of India, noodles is the value-added processed food product made from Flour and even Maida. Occupying approx 45% market share in the processed cereal industry, they come in two categories. Generally speaking, as a normal type and the instant noodles. Specifically, noodles are the long threads of 0.22mm to 0.4 mm thickness. They are so easy to make that that this industry requires no high skilled labour. Marconi, spaghetti, vermicelli, pasta etc are also a part of noodles family.

6. Ice cream cone making:

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We all love ice cream, but who loves that plastic cup in which it’s sold, none. Thanks to Louis World Fair, which introduced ice cream cone. Now it comes in various flavours and forms, not only people love the ice cream but they also enjoy the cone holding it. It’s convenient and does not pollute the environment. Perfect idea for starting a new venture, simple machinery and with home based initiation.

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7. Lemonade Making:

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Why carbonated drinks, when we have our traditional Nimbu Pani with us. To quench thirst and refreshing oneself, Lemon flavoured drinks is the perfect savouring in summers. Non-fizzy, young generation loves it. With fast paced life, people do not get time to make homemade lemonade but still want that homemade taste, that’s when just-drinks come by and give a health benefit and perfect balance of sugar, acid, colour and water.

8. Jam Jelly Making:

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India is the 2nd largest producer of fruits and veggies, thus setting up a jam and jelly industry wouldn’t lack raw materials. Almost every type of fruit and some veggies can form jam and jellies. Rich fruit pulp results to jam whereas jelly from fruit juice, sugar and pectin. With proper planning and strategies, this business can be started even from home. With the increased consumption of bakery products like bread etc, jam and jelly are in one of the preferences.

9. Energy Drinks:

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Life is a race and we all are a part of the rat race. The consequences of participating, stress, workload, burden etc. That’s when energy drinks help you survive the competition, giving an instant boost of energy. The industry produces soft drinks containing various ingredients like caffeine, vitamins, supplements, herbs etc. As can be seen, these are non-alcoholic beverages that offer high energy with low calories. Various other products can be energy drink powders, energy tablets etc.

10. Iodized Salt Production:

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Food without salt is like love without passion, there is no taste unless we feel the deep essence. How about fortifying the passion, ionizing the salt to extend the health benefits. Not to mention it helps to overcome the Iodine deficiency disorder. Initiating on a small scale with small seed fund, it can be a profitable business as India is the 3rd largest salt producing country in the world.

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Indeed the world needs such great food startups. So let’s make a difference and think them out.
Stay Tuned for more information on Food Startup Ideas.

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