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Indonesian Avocado Shake

For people who only know that avocado is added into savoury dish, I’ll tell you something about avocado. I grew up with fresh fruit shake that we can buy from the street food hawkers at most places in Indonesia. My favourite fruit shakes are guava, soursop and avocado. Usually the sellers will have whatever fruits are in season.

This avocado blended is just common beverage in Indonesia, you can find at beverage street hawkers/vendors that sell fruits blended. Every family or person has their own recipes, which my family used to add coffee instant and chocolate sweetened condensed milk or mocha syrup; we chose Marjan Bourdain’s brand for the syrup. Sprinkled with chocolate sprinkle which the Indonesians are used to call meisis. Some people serve this with ice cream on top and it’s called avocado float.

Since there is no chocolate sweetened condensed milk for purchased in Manitoba, I just used the regular sweetened condensed milk.

Anyway, what I’m going say, I didn’t really know about putting avocado into savoury stuff before. Nowdays, I use avocado for both, savoury (sushi, sandwich, dipping) and sweet (avocado shake and smoothie).

Yes, avocado blended/shake is very popular beverage in Indonesia and Vietnam That is why I can easily purchase avocado shake at the Vietnamese restaurants in Winnipeg, since there is no Indonesian restaurant in town. However, there is a different style compare to the one that I used to have.

As chocolate sweetened condensed milk is not available for purchased in Winnipeg, I just used the regular sweetened condensed milk.

PS. I almost forgot about this until today I visited Serge’s blog. He blogged about this on February. I posted this picture before on my facebook.

Note. when I made this, I didn’t have my mocha syrup. I was in Boissevain not at my own house. Well, I can only find Marjan Boudain’s mocha syrup in Winnipeg.

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Jus Alpukat
Indonesian Avocado Blended/Shake

2 ripe avocados
1 tsp espresso coffee brew (if you like stronger/weaker taste, feel free to add/reduce more)
4- 5 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
300 ml water
ice crushed as much as desired
mocha syrup
chocolate sprinkle.

Blend all ingredients, except chocolate sprinkle until smooth. In the serving glasses, add mocha syrup, transfer the avocado mixture and sprinkle with chocolate sprinkle over before serving.

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  1. tigerfish May 20, 2010 At 4:05 AMI am a late convert for avocado. Till now, I only enjoy it as a fruit.29C shd be considered really hot in Winnipeg! :OReply
  2. Anh May 20, 2010 At 5:04 AMbeautiful! I love avocado shake… not a lot but i do like it. I'll try this version 🙂Reply
  3. Indonesia-Eats May 20, 2010 At 5:41 AMTigerfish: hahahah you have no idea how the prairie weather. No wind in summer and so humid. At least in Singapore or Indonesia, there are lots ocean breeze. In summer, Winnipeg can be very extreme too, 40C.Anh: hopefully, you will like it. Let me know 🙂Reply
  4. TasteHongKong May 20, 2010 At 9:02 AMInteresting ideassssssss in enjoying avocado : ).Reply
  5. Tuty @ScentofSpice May 20, 2010 At 11:49 AMPepy,My favorite es alpukat is at the Ice Cream Tropic shop in Pasar Baru, Jakarta.What sort of mocha syrup available in Winnipeg? Do you remember the Sarang Sari mocha syrup? Oh… to die for!In fact, I am going to make this drink today before the avocado in my fridge dies on me 🙂Reply
  6. pigpigscorner May 20, 2010 At 12:51 PMI've had avocado shake once and LOVE it! I like the idea of adding espresso! yum!Reply
  7. mycookinghut May 20, 2010 At 12:59 PMI really want to try this… I usually have avocado with salad but never have it this way.. By the way, I love your photo .. very soothing!Reply
  8. Juliana May 20, 2010 At 7:37 PMWow, this reminds me so much of how avocado is eaten in Brazil…sweet 🙂 Love the idea of condensed milk…yummie!Reply
  9. Anncoo May 21, 2010 At 1:25 AMWonder how you make mocha syrup?Reply
  10. Indonesia-Eats May 21, 2010 At 4:03 AM@ TasteHongkong: that is the way I grew up 😀@ Tuty: I used Marjan. yes I do remember that place and Sarang Sari@ Pigpigcorner: it gives you a kick@ Juliana: what about chocolate sweetened condensed milk@ Anncoo: I bought an Indonesian brand mocha syrup that I can get in Winnipeg. The brand is Marjan Boudain'sReply
  11. Xiao Yen Recipes May 21, 2010 At 3:57 PMI love avocado shake. This is really something I would love to try.Reply
  12. Jane Ko May 22, 2010 At 12:44 AMThis is like an avocado smoothie!Please participate in my giveaway @ http://atasteofkoko.blogspot.com/2010/05/men-can-cook-feat-classic-spaghetti.htmlReply
  13. Velva May 22, 2010 At 5:56 AMCheers to to avocados and guava! Growing up in South Florida these fruits were readily available and consumed daily.Thanks for sharing.Reply
  14. deeTha May 23, 2010 At 3:53 AMhaaaaa…..iki kesukaanku bangedddd…..biasane tak campur kopi / skm coklat. tp lebih enak pake kopiiii 😀Reply
  15. zollipop May 23, 2010 At 8:57 AMGreat photo, congrats on have accepted to food gawker!I'm definitely going to try it – but I have a little aversion to chocolate sprinkles. Can you suggest anything else for a topping?Reply
  16. Meal Delivery May 24, 2010 At 4:29 AMI have this favourite little deli which serves avacodo and strawberry milkshakes, which are devine! At first I was a bit scared of the combintaion but it turned out to be the best thing ever!Reply
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  18. Schizotypy December 9, 2011 At 6:44 PMI was a bit skeptical since I’ve never thought of avocado as sweet, but I just made this and it is amazing! I added some Kahlua and left out the chocolate sprinkles.Reply
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  22. Sha April 18, 2015 At 7:36 PMHow many does this make?Reply
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