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Mango Salad

Mango is one of my favourite tropical fruits. Mangoes in Canada taste different. They don’t taste like mangoes that I used to have in Indonesia. Also the varieties are limited in Canada.

I’m glad my brother still keeps the mango tree at our family’s house front yard. I love it! As well as my late mom favourite flower’s tree, jasmine.

There are many mango varieties in the country but the one that my family has is known as manalagi, a popular variety from Probolinggo, East Java. I was born and raised until I was 8 years old in that city. Our mango tree was started from the seed of our late grandma’s mango tree where was located at her backyard. Thou, it is from the same resource of mango I can taste the different between the mangoes from both trees. I guess the soil makes it since Sidoarjo and Probolinggo have a different soil character.

Mangga Manalagi

Manalagi is best to be harvested and eaten when it’s still green. When I was back on May, I saw the mangoes were ready to be harvested. What to come to my mind when I saw those mangoes? Rujak Mangga. This Indonesian Mango Salad that I used to have during my school time.

This rujak mangga (mango salad) wasn’t my late mom recipe but I created when I was a young age and knew we had plenty mangoes. Very simple (or I called it amateur) recipe, I would say :-P . However, I always miss the simpleness of this rujak mangga. Some people will add terasi (dried shrimp paste) but I leave it simple.

Rujak Mangga
Indonesian Mango Salad

green mangoes, peeled
bird eyes chilies as much as you can handle, sliced
raw cane sugar as your desired
salt as you like

Slice or cut mangoes into bite sizes. Place into a large mixing bowl. Sprinkle over chilies, sugar and salt. Cover and shake them. Refrigerate about 2 hours or so. If you like adding lime/calamansi or vinegar you can but I myself prefer the juice that comes out from the mango itself since I shook them really hard.

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Rujak Mangga is good to enjoy in a hot day.

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