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Panada is very similar to Spanish/Portuguese empanada and Jamaican patty. I believe this dish was first introduced by either Portuguese or Spanish traders who came to Indonesia for spices around the 15th century. Since the East Indonesians love their fish and spices, they fill their pastry with fish and many other spices to suit their palate.

If you follow my previous post, cakalang pampis – skipjack tuna floss is the filling for this pastry. However, a friend of mine, Ellen loves to add shredded green papaya to her panada to make the filling not too dry. My first made of panada, I stuffed only with cakalang pampis and found a bit drier the inside. Then, I added with shredded green papaya to cakalang pampis and found that she is right; the filling is moister.

One of my readers thought it was pastel when he saw this picture for the first time on the Indonesia Eats Facebook Fan Page. I explained that pastel has flakier skin and different fillings. Pastel is the same as the Makasarese (South Sulawesi) jalakote or Malaysian curry puff.

-Manadonese Tuna Stuffed Bread/Pastry-
recipe by Yasa Boga and Ellen, modified by me


  • 250 g bread flour
  • 25 mL lukewarm water
  • 1 1/2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tsp instant yeast
  • 80 – 90 mL coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp margarine/butter, melted
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • a pinch of salt

Cakalang Pampis/Spicy Tuna Floss

Pastry Makers
I bought a box of pastry makers long time ago at a dollar store

1. Add sugar into 25 mL luke warm water and sprinkle the yeast over. Let stand for 5 minutes or until its foamy.

2. In a bowl mix flour and make hole in the centre. Add egg, butter and yeast mixture, knead while pouring in coconut milk a little at a time until the dough elastic and not sticking to the bowl and hand.

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3. Shape batter into large balls and put into a bowl covered with a damp napkin or a piece of plastic. Leave for 1-2 hours in a warm place until the dough rises.

4. Punch the dough and start to stir with hand again, divide by 10 – 15 and make balls. Let stand for 15 minutes.

5. Roll each piece 1/2 cm thick. Put over the pastry maker. Make sure that the pastry dough is slightly larger than the pastry maker.

6. Put a tablespoonful of filling on the center. Slowly fold the pastry maker and then press a bit firmly to seal the edges. Open carefully halfway and take out your panada. Repeat until you finished all. Let stand for 15 minutes and pinch the edge one more time with a fork, so the filling will not be popping out before deep fry.

7. Fry them. Do not use very hot oil but medium heat to deep fry so the skin still smooth without bubbles.

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  1. Cooking Gallery September 5, 2010 At 2:42 AMApparently there are really quite some Indo foods that I have no idea about ;), I am not that into tuna, maybe that's the reason why I have never heard of these savoury snacks before. Those look pretty though, I would maybe change the filling with something else, like chicken or beef.Reply
  2. Indonesia Eats September 5, 2010 At 3:30 AMSurely, you can substitute for chicken or beef.I have been looking for more information about East Indonesian dishes. I found out that we actually have some kind of sashimi dish from Ternate, Gohu Ikan. It's very closed to ceviche. Enriched with calamansi, chili, shallot, lemon basil and coconut oil.Reply
  3. penny aka jeroxie September 5, 2010 At 3:47 AMI have yet to try this. It is on my to do listReply
  4. tatabonita September 5, 2010 At 3:49 AMHemmm… Panada! I've been meaning to try this but still can't beat my lazy ass hehehehe :D. Would you send me some?Reply
  5. Indonesia Eats September 5, 2010 At 3:56 AM@Penny: it's quite easy to make@Tabong: I wish I can send you some 🙂Reply
  6. Joanne September 5, 2010 At 5:45 AMI love empanadas and like to fill them with all sorts of crazy non-traditional things! I love the sound of this, with the tuna and the coconut!Reply
  7. Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets September 5, 2010 At 7:20 AMLooks absolutely mouthwatering, Pepy! Thanks for the tip about adding green papaya.Reply
  8. Torviewtoronto September 5, 2010 At 8:02 AMdelicious I make them quite often this month for Iftarwe don't use yeast and coconut milk and use all purpose flourReply
  9. A Thought For Food September 5, 2010 At 8:09 AMI love savory pies like this! Something you could walk around with and nibble on. Looks absolutely delicious!Reply
  10. Jason's BBQ Adventures September 5, 2010 At 8:51 AMGreat and unique recipes. These Panadas sounds wonderful.Reply
  11. Lori September 5, 2010 At 1:05 PMI adore Jamaican patties so I have no doubt I would love these. I had no idea they even made presses like that. I need to get my hands on one. They came out perfectly!Reply
  12. Spicie Foodie September 5, 2010 At 4:58 PMI love Empanadas, never tried it with tuna. But your recipe sure sounds yummy! I have the same pastry cutters and they make the process go faster:)Reply
  13. Lia Chen September 5, 2010 At 5:37 PMThis is perfect for snack and event for picnic! Yummy … 🙂Reply
  14. Jun Belen September 6, 2010 At 1:51 PMYour panadas look so pretty! I love empanadas, too! I actually made some last month for a Spanish-themed dinner party at home. I made them with ground beef. Your tuna filling sounds delish! By the way, I didn't know they have empanada makers…Reply
  15. Stella September 6, 2010 At 6:57 PMWhoa, panada looks yummy! Oh, and I love the dollar store for stuff like those pastry cutters;)…Reply
  16. Magic of Spice September 8, 2010 At 8:43 AMThese sound great…I have been seeing them around and need to give them a try 🙂Reply
  17. Sweet Artichoke September 10, 2010 At 11:33 PMYum, I a big fan of tuna! And would love to try these yummy pasties (and would be glad to use the same pastry makers…)Reply
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