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Sate Rembiga (Lombok-Style Spiced Beef Saté of Indonesia)

As hot and spicy as Bali Foods, Lombok Foods deserve to get some attentions. One of them is Sate Rembiga (or Rembige). Located in the east coast of Bali island, Lombok island isn’t not as popular as its sibling island but I guarantee you that Lombok Foods are just as good as Bali Foods.

With less spices to be used than Bali, Lombok has its own goodness. Lombok is very famous with its terasi (trassi, belachan, or fermented shrimp paste) and gula aren (palm sugar). Sate Rembiga resembles like many other foods in Lombok which are less spices to be applied but using lots more chilies. Surely, the sate contains Terasi and Gula Aren.

The other things that are different as well. The sate DOES NOT serve with peanut sauce or lontong instead Plecing Kangkung (Water Spinach Salad with Sambal and Spicy Grated Coconut) will be served with. Most saté in Indonesia will be enjoyed with lontong or ketupat. Both are rice cakes but different wrapping materials.

It’s not very common also in Indonesia that some foods utilize dried red cayenne peppers (cabe merah keriting kering). However, this recipe will! So if you can’t get fresh red chilies or bird eyes chilies, dried red chilies will do. I usually buy my dried red chilies at the local Indian or Sri Lankan stores.

I wish I could’ve got the Lombok Terasi that has a distinct flavour but I’m quite happy to get belachan at my local Asian store. Before any further due, let’s get start with the recipe here.

Sate Rembiga
Lombok-Style Spiced Beef Saté

1 lb (454 grams) tenderloin or sirloin, cut into bite pieces

Bumbu (Spices):
6 shallots (small size)
3 cloves garlic
7 dried red chilies*
5 red serano chilies*
5 bird’s eye chilies*
2 tbsp shaved gula aren (palm sugar)**
1 tbsp sugarcane**
1 tsp toasted terasi
1/2 tsp seasalt
1 nasranan mandarin or jeruk limo (Citrus amblycapra ), squeezed***

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Cook’s Note:
Most people in Indonesia will marinate their beef sate with papain enzyme from papaya leaves or grated pineapple to tenderize the meat. If you live in other countries that have a different breed and raising method for cows, you don’t need to tenderize your meat with the agents that I mentioned above. Based on my experience, when I marinated my beef with grated pineapple even only less than 5 minutes, my beef will fall apart on the grill.

* Please adjust the heat level to your tastebuds. If you can’t find any bird’s chilies, just use dried red chilies and fresh red chilies that are available in your area.

** I prefer to use gula aren than other countries palm sugar. Gula aren has a darker colour and sweeter in my opinion. You can substitute the sugarcane with regular white sugar but you need to adjust the amount to be greater.
as sugarcane has less refined process.

*** You can substitute with regular lime

1. Soak the bamboo skewers for at least 10 minutes to eliminate the burning on the swekers.

2. Grind all bumbu and marinate the beef pieces with the ground spices for minimal 30 minutes.

3. Thread the beef into skewers. Grill to your desired doneness for your Saté. Serve them with Plecing Kangkung.


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