Spicy Food

Why Chilies?

Why Chilies? The story of how revelation one day in Malaysia created the impetus for a project researching the origins and spread chili peppers.

Where are Chili Peppers From?

Where are Chili Peppers from? Amazingly, Chili Peppers not from India, Indonesia, or China, but the jungles of South America.

What Color are Chili Peppers?

You’ve probably seen chili peppers in green, red or orange. But they can also be white, peach, purple, and brown! What is the meaning of all these colors?

The Spiciest Cuisine in India

The spiciest cuisine in India is in Andhra Pradesh. The question is: how did the chili pepper make Andhra food spicier than its neighbors in diverse India?

Chilies in the wild

How did a spicy fruit like chili evolve in the wild in the first place? It actually has to do with birds’ unique taste receptors and digestive systems.

Chilies and Pepper

On Chilies and Pepper, two entirely different spices from different continents, yet historically intertwined and which, together, changed the world.