The Good Dish 5 Home Décor Trends in 2022 for Your Inspiration

With the pandemic continuing on and work-from-home jobs staying put, our living spaces have become more important than ever. And after two years of this, a lot of you are ready for a home refresh like never before. Whether you want to minimize clutter in your daily life, brighten up a room that’s become dull, or see the same elegance at home as you do on a night out, we’re all ready to optimize each room and make them comfortable for the long haul.

As you start to plan your redecorating projects, get ready for these five big trends that Etsy has predicted will fill everyone’s home this year. You’ll be seeing them when you browse and shop, so go ahead and get inspiration for DIY and new items that can bring purpose and style back to your impromptu multi-use rooms.

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1. Versatile Furniture

When you only have so much space to hang out, cook, sleep and work from home, furniture has to earn its place in each room. And it’s helpful when those items can serve several purposes. Etsy says this is the year for flexibility at home.

Look for convertible tables that adjust positions for different kinds of tasks, nesting side tables that can be contained when more space is needed, and modular furniture or shelving that change with your space or storage needs.

2. Playful Shapes & Designs

It’s been a long two years guys! So anything that offers levity is welcome — including home items. That means abstract patterns, indulgent statement pieces and fanciful designs, Etsy says.

Look for area rugs with offbeat patterns and squiggly shapes, decorative lights and sconces that resemble sculptures and 70s themes, and futuristic styles that feature holograms, iridescence and kaleidoscope looks.

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3. Touches of Elegance

Since we’re not dressing up for fancy dinners as much anymore, we have to bring some of that luxury home. Etsy says classic marble will be more popular than ever.

Look for small décor items to add just a touch of marble elegance in a powerful way: candle holders, vases, or even just tabletops. This could also translate into marble-inspired patterns for wall stickers, backsplashes, serveware or things like mousepads.

4. Meaningful Personalization

Because we’re spending most of our time at home, we want to feel... at home. That means our space needs to be unique and familiar to us. And after two years of quarantining away from friends and family, COVID spikes and sad news, we want home pieces that remind us of good memories. Etsy says personalized décor items and gifts will be making their way into more homes this year.

Look for etched wooden cutting boards and serving trays, illustrations or canvas paintings of family portraits, and individualized welcome mats for your front door.

5. Soft Color Palates

Soft, minimalist color themes are the perfect match for decluttering and pairing down your furnishings. They set a pleasing backdrop for abstract statement pieces and pops of marble. Etsy says Danish interior design will be the inspiration here for pastel colors.

Look for soft, spring-like color schemes that calm a room. And curved designs for main furniture pieces will add seamlessness and fluidity to your floor plans.

Get ready to see these trends everywhere as you redecorate your home this year. Think about how these ideas can both fit into your personal style and inspire change for a new living space.

How did you incorporate these trends in your home? Share your DIY pictures and staging photos with us on Instagram @thegooddishtv!

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