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Jack Daniel’s, one of the finest whiskeys in the world is a representative of free spirit and independence. Receiving gold medal in the world fair, Jack Daniel’s crafts something that endures for over 150 years. Created by Slaves, Jack Daniel’s was started in Lynchburg, Tennessee in 1860’s. A perfect example of rich history and substantial people, it made people travel overseas every year.
Did you know that every drop of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey comes out of dry town? It’s hard to believe but Jack Daniel’s has made it to a town where it’s illegal to sell it. Indeed, we’ve got to know what makes this drink so special! We will be mainly focussing on Jack Daniels Manufacturing Process.

Jack Daniels Manufacturing Process

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

Types of Jack Daniel’s:

This Tennessee whiskey in square bottle comes into various variety:

Old No. 7:

Old No. 7 Source—->

Sugar maple charcoal mellows this piece of art. Matured in self handcrafted barrels, it tastes just like how it did over a century ago. It does not follow a calender but they judge it by the way it looks and by it’s aroma. Serve it on the rocks and enjoy it with great music and good company.

Gentleman Jack:

Gentleman Jack Source—->

Known for it’s exceptionally smooth finish, Gentleman jack undergoes a second charcoal mellowing. It’s balanced oak flavour with notes of caramel and vanilla are perfect for celebrating life’s extraordinary occasions.

Single Barrel Collection:

Single Barrel Collection Source—->

With a robust character, it has notes of caramel and spice. With distinct flavours from the barrel it is a collection of three unique creations:
1. Single Barrel Rye
2. Single barrel barrel proof
3. Single barrel 100 proof

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Tennessee Honey:

Tennessee Honey Source—->

Real honey blends with Jack Daniel’s old No. 7 to form Tennessee Honey. It has a smooth texture with a sweet flavour. Have it like shots with friends, because sometimes its necessary to mix things up.

Tennessee Fire:

Tennessee Fire Source—->@www-thespiritsbusiness-com

Sometimes, mixing fire and whiskey is a good thing. This Tennessee Fire blends red-hot cinnamon liqueur with the smooth character of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 for a classic spirit with a fiery finish.

Jack Daniels Manufacuring Process :

Mash Formation:

What forms Jack Daniel’s is spring water, corn, malted barley, rye and most important yeast.
150 trucks through the week comes to the distillery carrying grain for the whiskey.
Grains land with the ground corn and cave spring water and cooked. firstly heat is supplied to the grains and then it is cooled down, setting them into the fermenter.
As the temperature lowers in addition to malted Barley, Rye is mixed along with Jack Daniel’s own strain 0f yeast.

Yeast+ sugar → CO2+ Alcohol

Yeast is set up in the fermenting tank for 4-6 days. After several hours of mixing the yeast really gets rolling not from heat but the yeast acting on water and grains. After the yeast has done it’s work a liquid of about 12% of alcohol content is transferred to a copper still for distillation. At right temperature alcohol would turn into vapour but the excess water will remain liquid.


Vapourised alcohol is transferred and cooled into liquid. This time the alcohol content is full 140 proof furthermore getting condensed and collected. The condensed whiskey passes through charcoal for mellowing. What charcoal does is filter the whiskey. Through the charcoal the whiskey goes down in the vent. It takes about 4-5 days for whiskey to go from top to bottom.
The barrels are made of white oak too. The whiskey’s colour and a lot of the flavour comes from the barrel itself. It is one of the key ingredient of making the whiskey. Whiskey is filled in the barrels within a week before the woods dry out and shrink. These barrels stores about 56 gallons in 1 min. Amazing!
Barrels sit for 4-7 years to age before being bottled.
Jack Daniel’s Whiskey is not about science but aging. For them aging is not a matter of time, but taste.

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What’s so great about Jack Daniel’s?

Jack Daniels is best because ..

Cave Spring:

Cave Spring Source—->

Jack Daniel’s lifeblood, water of Cave Spring Hollow is crisp, cool and a constant 56 degrees.
But what’s so special about this spring water. Absolutely nothing, as in no sediment, no impurities. Just clean, pure, spring water. The cave’s layers of limestone naturally impart a variety of minerals to the water which contribute to the character of Jack Daniel’s. More importantly, the limestone also removes iron from the water. Iron definitely has its uses, but it’s absolutely horrible if you’re making whiskey. All this makes the whiskey one of the finest of all.

Charcoal Crafting & Mellowing:

Charcoal Mellowing

‘Lincoln County Process’, ‘Charcoal Mellowing’, ‘The extra Blessing’ what now. This special process is honoured with many names. It’s an old-time process Jack insisted on and one that is in continuous use by the Jack Daniel Distillery.
Sugar maple wood is used to make handcrafted charcoal. It has no smell or taste when burned. Even to burn wood into charcoal they use whiskey from the still as the fuel. So yeah, it’s great.

Charcoal Crafting source—->

Drop by drop it blesses the whiskey with refined smoothness. Because of this unique process Jack Daniel’s is termed as Tennessee Whiskey and not bourbon.

Handcrafted Barrels:

Handcrafted Barrels Source—->

Jack Daniel’s uses American White Oak for their barrels. Sheer pressure of wood’s precise arrangement fixes the barrels. So, no glue or nails, interesting!
The barrel gets toasted and charred from inside to coax the wood’s natural sugars out and caramelize them. These sugars are such an important part of where the whiskey flavour develops. Drawing all of its rich amber color and much of its distinctive flavor from the barrels, they are such a big part of their whiskey’s character. The everlasting effect of barrels is what so special about Jack Daniel’s.

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It’s ready when it’s ready:

Age is an unreliable way to determine when a whiskey is ready, age isn’t always the best measure of maturity.
Jack Daniel’s is all about patience. The classic vintage flavour of Jack Daniel’s is because of the ageing.Their bottles are ready when it’s ready. Because a date on a calendar can’t tell you all the things a sip can. A team of whiskey tasters tell all the qualities and tastes whether it’s ready for the showtime.

Jack Daniel’s is full of secret. From mystery of Jack’s date of birth to their unique process of crafting, Jack Daniel’s has blown minds.
Straight on the rocks, with a bit of water, with club soda, with ginger ale, Jack Daniel’s blends with everything.

Just like Jack says,

Live freely, drink responsibly.

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

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