Ube Polvoron Recipe

Polvoron is a type of Spanish shortbread made with flour, sugar, milk, and nuts. It is a popular snack in the Philippines, where it is often made with ube, a purple yam. This recipe for ube polvoron uses ube extract to give the cookies their signature color and flavor.

The cookies are then dusted with powdered sugar for a sweet, finishing touch.

Ube Polvoron is a traditional Filipino dessert made with ube powder, flour, sugar, and butter. It’s a crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth treat that’s perfect for any occasion. Making ube polvoron at home is surprisingly easy and only requires a few ingredients.

The key to making the perfect ube polvoron is to get the right ratio of ube powder to flour. Too much ube powder will make the polvoron too dense, while too little will make it too crumbly. Once you’ve got the perfect ube polvoron dough, all you need to do is shape it into balls and press them into molds.

You can use any kind of mold you like, but traditional polvoron molds are star-shaped. Once your polvoron are shaped and pressed, all that’s left to do is to toast them until they’re golden brown. This gives the polvoron a lovely, nutty flavor and adds a bit of crunch.

Ube polvoron are best enjoyed fresh, but they can also be stored in an airtight container for up to a week. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even try making your own ube powder at home.

ube polvoron recipe

How long does Polvoron stay good for?

Polvoron is a type of Filipino shortbread made with flour, powdered milk, sugar, and butter. It is typically made in mold, and then dusted with either powdered sugar or pinipig (crushed young rice). Polvoron is a popular snack in the Philippines, and is often given as a gift during the holidays.

So how long does this delicious treat last? Polvoron will stay good for up to 2 weeks when stored in an airtight container. After that, the quality will start to decline and the polvoron will become harder and less flavorful.

To prolong the shelf life of your polvoron, make sure to store it in a cool and dry place. Exposure to heat and humidity will cause the polvoron to soften and lose its shape. If you want to enjoy polvoron at its best, make sure to eat it within 2 weeks of purchase.

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But if you need to keep it longer, don’t worry, it will still be edible for a few weeks after that. Just be aware that the quality will not be as good as it once was.

Is Polvoron made of flour?

Polvoron is a traditional Spanish sweet made of flour, sugar, milk, and nuts. It is often made in the shape of a small disc or log, and is dusted with powdered sugar. Polvoron is typically eaten during the Christmas season, but can be found year-round in Spanish-speaking countries.

The word polvoron comes from the Spanish word for “dust” or “powder,” and these sweets are indeed very powdery. The traditional recipe calls for toasted flour, sugar, and ground nuts, which are combined with milk or cream and formed into small discs or logs. The polvorones are then dusted with powdered sugar before being served.

Polvorones are rich and sweet, and their powdery texture makes them very unique. If you’re ever in a Spanish-speaking country during the Christmas season, be sure to try one (or a few!) of these delicious sweets.

What can I use to mold Polvoron?

Polvoron is a type of Spanish confection made of flour, milk, sugar, and nuts. It is typically molded into a round or oval shape and is dusted with powdered sugar. Polvoron is often served during the Christmas season.

There are a few different ways that you can mold polvoron. One is to use a mold that is specifically designed for polvoron. These molds can be made of wood, plastic, or metal.

If you do not have a polvoron mold, you can also use a mini muffin tin or a small candy mold. To mold the polvoron, start by mixing together the flour, milk, sugar, and nuts. Once the ingredients are well combined, take a small scoop and press it into the mold.

Be sure to pack the mixture tightly so that it holds together well. Once all of the polvoron mixture is in the mold, tap it on the counter a few times to release any air bubbles. If you are using a mold that is not specifically designed for polvoron, you may need to line it with parchment paper or plastic wrap before adding the mixture.

This will help to prevent the polvoron from sticking to the mold. Once the polvoron is molded, dust it with powdered sugar. You can also roll it in chopped nuts, cocoa powder, or shredded coconut.

How do you make Volvoron?

Volvoron is a traditional Filipino dessert made of glutinous rice, coconut milk, and brown sugar. It is typically served during special occasions such as weddings and holidays. To make volvoron, the glutinous rice is first soaked in water for several hours.

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Once it is soft, it is then mixed with the coconut milk and sugar. The mixture is then formed into balls and steamed until cooked through. Volvoron is a delicious and unique dessert that is sure to impress your guests.

If you want to try something different for your next special occasion, give this recipe a try!

Ube Polvoron Recipe

Goldilocks ube polvoron recipe

When it comes to Filipino snacks, polvoron is a classic. This powdery treat is made of toasted flour, milk, and sugar, and it melts in your mouth with every bite. But what if we told you that there’s a way to make polvoron even better?

Enter: the Goldilocks ube polvoron. This delicious snack is made with ube, or purple yam, which gives it a beautiful purple color and a unique flavor. Ube is often used in Filipino desserts, and it’s the perfect addition to polvoron.

The ube flavor is not too overwhelming, but it’s definitely there, and it pairs perfectly with the toasted flour and milk. If you’re looking for a fun and easy snack to make at home, this Goldilocks ube polvoron recipe is definitely for you. And trust us, it’s addictive!

Ube polvoron goldilocks price

Ube polvoron is one of the most popular Filipino snacks. It is made of cooked and mashed purple yam, butter, milk, and sugar. The mixture is then molded into small discs or balls and coated with either toasted or ground rice.

Although ube polvoron is commonly sold in Philippine Stores such as Goldilocks, it is also easy to make at home. The key ingredient, purple yam, can be bought at most Asian markets. To make ube polvoron, start by cooking the purple yam in boiling water until soft.

Then, mash the yam and mix it with the butter, milk, and sugar. Once the mixture is smooth, shape it into small discs or balls. Next, coat the polvoron in toasted or ground rice.

Finally, allow the polvoron to cool and enjoy! Ube polvoron is a delicious and easy-to-make snack that is perfect for any occasion. So, the next time you’re in the mood for something sweet, give ube polvoron a try!

Polvoron ube

Polvoron is a type of Spanish shortbread made of flour, sugar, and milk. It is traditionally made in a mold and then dusted with powdered sugar. Polvoron is typically served at Christmas and is often given as a gift.

Polvoron is a delicious Spanish shortbread that is perfect for Christmas. It is made with flour, sugar, and milk, and then dusted with powdered sugar. Polvoron is typically served at Christmas and is often given as a gift.

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If you are looking for a delicious and festive treat, then polvoron is the perfect choice.

Ube powder

Ube powder is a purple yam powder that is used to make a variety of dishes, including ube halaya, ube ice cream, and ube cake. It is also used as a natural food coloring. Ube powder is made from the dried and ground purple yam.

The yam is first peeled and then dried in the sun or in a dehydrator. Once it is dried, it is ground into a fine powder. Ube powder has a sweet, nutty flavor and a slightly sticky texture.

It is often used in desserts and baked goods. It can also be used to add color to dishes such as ube halaya and ube ice cream. Ube powder is a good source of vitamins and minerals, including potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

It is also a good source of dietary fiber.

Chocolate polvoron

A polvoron is a type of Spanish confectionery made of flour, sugar, milk, and nuts. It is traditionally made in a mold, but can also be made into different shapes and sizes. Polvorones are usually served during the Christmas season, but can be found year-round in some Spanish-speaking countries.

Chocolate polvorones are a type of polvoron that are made with chocolate, either in addition to the traditional ingredients or as a replacement for some of them. These polvorones are typically darker in color than the original version and have a richer flavor. Whether you’re looking for a traditional treat or something with a little more flavor, chocolate polvorones are a delicious option.

Polvoron youtube

Polvoron is a type of Filipino shortbread made from flour, butter, and sugar. It is traditionally made in the shape of a log, but can also be made into balls or discs. Polvoron is often flavoured with nuts or chocolate, and is typically sold in small, individually wrapped portions.

Polvoron is a popular snack in the Philippines, and is often served as a dessert or given as a gift during the Christmas season. It can be found in most Filipino bakeries and supermarkets. If you’re looking to make your own polvoron at home, there are plenty of recipes available online.

All you need is a food processor and some patience to get the perfect consistency. Once you’ve made your own polvoron, be sure to share it with friends and family – it’s the perfect way to show your Filipino pride!


This recipe is for a Filipino dessert called ube polvoron. The ingredients are ube powder, milk, butter, sugar, and flour. The ube powder is mixed with milk and butter, then sugar and flour are added.

The mixture is formed into balls and fried until golden brown. Serve with a dusting of powdered sugar.

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