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Everyone has an own choice of milk whether it for tea or coffee, with any cereals, or a plain glass for drinking! Milk has long been used as a healthy drink because of its high nutrients content. Milk is the lacteal secretion obtained from the mammary glands of mammals. But non-animal products like soy milk, rice milk, almond milk also resembles milk in color and texture.

In the market, we will get whole milk (3.25% milk fat), reduced fat milk (2%), low-fat milk (1%), and skim milk or fat- free milk. Each type contains nine essential nutrients along with 8-gram proteins. Milk is classified depends upon the source from which it is obtained, flavors added, different processing methods and percentage of milk fat.

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The fat content in whole milk can range from 3.25% – 5%, it depends on the cow and according to FDA whole milk should have at least 3.25% fat by weight. Whole milk is directly from the cow before processing while other varieties like reduced fat, low fat and skim milk undergo processing to remove extra fat that comes from the cream.

Composition of milk

The composition of milk varies depending on the species, stage of lactation and animals feed. In general, milk is consist of a large amount of water (85.5-88.7%), milk fat (0-6%), carbohydrate (lactose 3.8-5.3%), proteins (casein and other minor proteins2.3-4.4%), minerals like (Ca, Mg, K, 0.5-0.86%), enzymes, vitamins and organic acids etc.

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What is 2 Percent milk? 2 Percent milk Definition

As we all know that amount of milk fat affects the number calories we are consuming. You might have heard about the whole, skim, 1% and 2% milk varieties for reducing calories. All these milk varieties are nutrients rich and wholesome. But what actually theses names indicate???? Yeah, it’s all related to the fat content of milk but titles 1% and 2% are somewhat misleading.

Heard About A1 and A2 Milk? If not, then read this!

First of all, you should understand that they don’t mean all 1% or 2% fat has been removed. But it refers that the milk fat is 1% or 2% of the total weight of the milk. For example, if a cup of milk weighs about 225 grams and 2% milk of that weight holds 5 grams of fat and whole milk contains 8 grams fat. Therefore, in this case, 2% milk contains only 5 grams of fat whereas whole milk contains 8 grams, which is not much fattier and also both has same essential nutrients.

Let’s see the nutritional value of all types of milk for serving size – 1 Cup (225ml)

Type of milkWhole milk2% milk1% milkSkim milkCalories 146 122 102 87Total fat 8 g 5 g 2.4 g 0.2 gSaturated fat 5 g3 g 1.5 g 0.1 gCholesterol 24 mg 20 mg 12 mg 4 mgCarbohydrate 11 g 12 g 13 g 12 gProtein 8 g 8 g 8 g 8 g

Is 2 Percent Milk good for you or 2 Percent Milk bad for you?

2% milk is a healthy option for sodas, juice with added sugars. 2% milk can be the good option for those who are trying to get specific calories or those who obtain a lot of fat from other foodstuffs. But for those who want to gain weight, they should go for the whole milk. Nutritionists recommend milk with at least some fat, as it helps in preventing a spike in blood sugar. So, overall taking 2% milk is a personal choice in terms of preference and diet.

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2 Percent Milk Facts | Milk Facts

  1. 2% milk is actually 2 percent of the total weight is milk fat
  2. Except for fat and calories, all other nutrients are same
  3. It tastes watery and less creamy than whole milk
  4. Good option for those who want specific calories

Further, you can head over to this video for a visual explanation. Here





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